Communications and referrals

Dr. Black has a long history of building ongoing communications, including referral management to ortho specialists for his patients at Perfect Impressions, and will continue. This standard of communications and feedback about sleep patients you refer to Bettendorf Sleep – or we refer to you – are as vital to wellness success as with creating plans tailored to each patient’s needs.

Therefore, working with Bettendorf Sleep you can be assured that we will communicate with you including such feedback as:
· Acknowledgement within 1 business day that the patient has registered and/or scheduled an appointment with our office
· Produce and send a SOAP with the preliminary assessment and follow-up with our office
· Once applicable, provide a copy of the in-home sleep report
· Produce and send another SOAP with an updated assessment, treatment, and future follow-up with our office as well as key areas on how you may want to continue monitoring each patient
· Discuss with the patient the financial aspects of having a sleep dental device
(Bettendorf Sleep accepts major medical health insurance including Medicare, cash, most major credit cards, and HSA and FSA.)

Additionally, Dr. Black has created a Resources section of this website. It is a place where Dr. Black will be adding articles, papers, and videos which you and/or your patients may find helpful. And should you or other sources you may know have articles or information to provide we will consider adding the information to our Resources.

Ultimately, we look forward to developing a referral system that easily works for you, so CONTACT US. At Bettendorf Sleep we are ready to partner and assist patients with growing their smiles from the inside out!