Working together

We deliver results for our patients and YOU!

At Bettendorf Sleep we take tremendous pride in how we not only take a holistic wellness approach for our patients, but we frequently do so with a team approach with physicians and practitioners. What’s more, we understand how valuable your time is and have learned with dental sleep medicine we can provide excellent patient care without impacting added time from you and/or your resources. And first, if you’re one of our physicians | practitioner partners that already refer your patients to us, we thank you. We are grateful you include and entrust us with your patient’s care, and we’ll continue to look forward working alongside you to help them get the treatment they need to improve their health and sleep.

If you are a physician | practitioner seeking more information about the work we do and our success rate with patients, please CONTACT US. We’d appreciate sharing with you our collaborative approach as well as the things we’re doing to improve our patients’ sleep and potentially preventing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and more.


Dr. Black has always been dedicated to learning the newest technologies and practices to improve his patients’ health and grow their smiles from the inside out. He’s been happy to share what he learns with his peers. Therefore, it’s no surprise that he has taken the same approach with respect to dental sleep medicine. As a Diplomate for the ASBA through his continual learning and commitment to expanding his practice, Dr. Black has the latest in advanced sleep medicine technology including digital scanning, rhinometry and pharyngometry testing, WatchPat home sleep testing to confirm accuracy of appliances and the latest in digital sleep appliances.

Utilizing appliances such as SomnoMed and Panthera Dr. Black understands for best results appliances must be easy to wear regardless if they’re used at home and/or traveling. These particular devices have 3-year warranty programs. Dr. Black views the patient and physicians | practitioners as a team approach and includes discussing the treatment plan. Bettendorf Sleep focuses on OSA but is happy to assess and assist with other sleep conditions such as TMD and TMJ.