For most, gone are the days of going to a clinic to be hooked up to hundreds of tubes and nozzles for an overnight sleep test. No one is going to sleep well under those conditions, and thankfully innovative technologies doesn’t mean it’s always necessary. There are a few simple steps you can take before going straight to “in-clinic” testing. Determining levels of sleep apnea can begin at home. You can even do a sleep test at home with a device you wear on your wrist like a smartwatch or fitness tracker. Taking the sleep test at home is a relief. And you’ll get a full report back by the following business day. But first…


  • Do you snore louder than a person talking, or loud enough to be heard through a closed door
  • Do you often feel tired, fatigued, or sleepy during the day?
  • Has your spouse or partner ever observed you pause or stop breathing in your sleep?
  • Do you have or are you being treated for high blood pressure
  • Are you overweight or obese?
  • Are you over 35 years old?
  • Is your neck circumference greater than 16 inches?
  • Are you male?

If you answered yes to 2 or more of the above questions, we invite you to CONTACT US or simply complete the Sleep Screening Questionnaire and Registration. Dr. Black will review the HIPAA-approved questionnaire and contact you about the initial findings. If needed, his Sleep Coordinator will schedule an in-office consultation to further discuss the report and next steps toward you experiencing quality sleep.


At Bettendorf Sleep the WatchPAT™ ONE by Itamar Medical is Dr. Black’s preferred in-home test device. This Home Sleep Apnea Device (HSAT) is innovative and user-friendly for you. And there’s little to no waiting time for the results because within one-minute of post-study, the raw data is downloaded into HIPAA-approved cloud data center and auto-scored identifying all types of apnea events.

Then while you’re sleeping, the HSAT is utilizing the peripheral arterial signal (PAT®) for Sleep Apnea diagnosis where it measures up to 7 channels (PAT® signal, heart rate, oximetry, actigraphy, body position, snoring, and chest motion) through three points of contact.

 WatchPAT provides AHI, AHIc, RDI, and ODI based upon True Sleep Time and Sleep Staging. The WatchPAT Home Sleep Test (HST) is clinically validated with an 89% correlation to PSG1. The PAT signal was included in the 2017 AASM Clinical Practice Guidelines as technically adequate.

Dr. Black is approved and has complete access to the data collected such that by the following business morning he will set-up time to discuss with you the findings. And, if needed, Dr. Black will ensure a consultation is scheduled where he will provide a more in-depth assessment followed by scheduling an examination, treatment options and a treatment plan. It’s important to keep in mind that sometimes the treatment plan can include dental work to ensure your teeth are able to utilize the best dental sleep appliance. Should this be needed, Dr. Black can assist you with his partner practice, Perfect Impressions Dental Center.

For more information, go to Resources and view WatchPat’s video. Or CONTACT US to schedule a consultation with Dr. Black to help you review the in-home sleep health test.