Oral Appliances

The Sleep Apnea Myth: Most believe the only way to determine sleep apnea is with an extensive sleep study managed overnight in a hospital or medical environment. Then their minds quickly go to sleep apnea treatments are CPAPs or surgical solutions. Some may require this process and solution. Most don’t.

Today, it’s a whole new ball game for those with sleep apnea. The combination of the WatchPat ONE In-Home Sleep test and the advancements with Oral Appliances make diagnosing early detection through more complex scenarios easier for our patients to manage their health and wellness with improved sleep no matter where they live or travel. At Bettendorf Sleep we understand dental sleep medicine and how to use dental sleep technology, to the level where modern devices are built with extraordinarily precise measurements and are stripped down to the most basic parts to fit each individually comfortably and ensure everyone in your household can sleep better. 


  • Primary snoring
  • Mild to moderate apnea
  • Severe apnea, unable to tolerate the use of CPAP or experiencing the recent CPAP recall
  • Healthy teeth or dental plan to prepare patient for an appliance
  • Travel plans and do not want to carry a CPAP machine


  • Easy for daily use and comfortable to wear
  • Small, noiseless, and barely noticeable
  • Easy to bring with you when you travel
  • Don’t bother bed partners
  • Reduce self-consciousness many people feel with CPAP devices
  • Not permanent, use can be discontinued, or appliance can change as wellness improves

Oral appliances are similar to a mouthguard worn for sports, except they’re digitally designed specifically for you, and will fit you much more comfortably and precisely than a sports mouthguard. What’s more, the preferred oral appliances used by Bettendorf Sleep and highlighted below are complete with a three-year warranty which can be unique to the industry. And Bettendorf Sleep works with their patients to ensure affordability is a part of their wellness plan. Most major medical insurances provide coverage of the appliance and there are payment options via cash, major credit card and qualified financing. Medicare can be a viable option for ensuring patients can sleep easy.

In short, Bettendorf Sleep goes the distance to ensure each patient has the best appliance to meet their health needs.

SomnoDent® Avant™ is SomnoMed’s most comfortable appliance ever. The upper and lower splints are computer designed and manufactured by robots to the shape of your teeth – using a single piece of dental acrylic – this makes the splints stronger, so they last longer.

They’ve added a soft Bflex liner to cradle and support your teeth. It cushions the device against your teeth. With a Bflex liner, the appliance feels more comfortable to wear and doesn’t fall off your teeth while you are sleeping. If it’s more comfortable, you are more likely to wear it, and be better treated for your sleep apnea.

The innovative design of the SomnoDent® Avant™ gently closes your mouth, so you breathe through your nose while you are sleeping. This eliminates snoring in most people, as well as preventing dry mouth, which is a common complaint with other oral appliances (and CPAP). This appliance includes a 3-year warranty which is an added plus for this being on a favorite’s list for Bettendorf Sleep

The Panthera X3 is Panthera Dental’s next generation Dorsal Fin Sleep Appliance made of 100% nylon CAD/CAM. It’s patented solution is: 1) Simple, lightweight and custom-made, 2) Maximizes comfort and patient compliance, 3) Bruxism and breakage resistant, 4) And easy to care for.

The Panthera x3 is made of nylon polyamide, type 12 which makes it biocompatiple, USP Level VI. The design is light, smooth, flexible while being strong and highly durable. Panthera X3 has a clip-on titration where no tools are required. At the same time, the appliance can move backward 1mm making it precise and secure. This reduces the risk of error. Plus, Panthera X3 can be angled at 20° which allows drinking and talking.

Ease of care is important and with the Panthera X3 there’s no storage in wáter. So, whether at home or traveling, this device has appeal for Bettendorf Sleep’s patients. And as mentioned, the appliance comes with a 3-year warranty.

Some patients may have severe sleep apnea that can require the CPAP or surgical options. And while following highlights these options, should one be required, Bettendorf Sleep will work closely with you and your physician to ensure this process is as smooth as possible for you.


CPAP is the traditional gold standard for the management of sleep apnea. CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Air Pressure and it works by pumping room air through a hose into a nasal mask that is strapped to the patients head. Constant pressure in the airway pushes the collapsible tissues out of the way and maintains and open/stable airway.

While highly effective at managing sleep apnea CPAP has proven to be difficult to tolerate for many patients and a large majority of CPAP users are “non-compliant” within 6 months. If you are having a hard time wearing your CPAP every night please contact us, there are other options and it is imperative that you do something to manage your OSA.


There are a few surgical options designed to reduce or remove excess tissue in the airway. Our doctor will review and discuss these options with you if indicated.